A Muslim Prayer

Prayer Reflection

Last time when Fr Mike visited Sunnybank Parish, he shared a beautiful prayer – A Muslim Prayer.  A copy of this prayer has been on my fridge ever since.

O God, do not let me be as a butcher of sheep and do not let me as a sheep, be killed by the butchers.

O God help me to speak the truth in the face of the strong and help me not to lie to gain the applause of the weak.

O God, if you give me money, protect my happiness

and if you give me power, strengthen my wits

and if you give me success, increase my humility

and if you give me humility, preserve my dignity.

O God, help me to see both sides of the picture  and do not let me accuse my opponents of treachery just because they have a different point of view.

O God help me to love people as I love myself and to keep a check on myself as I keep a check on others.

O God, do not let me become boastful if I am successful, and do not let me despair if I fail, but remind me always that failure is the experiment that precedes success.

O God, let me be gentle with others, teach me that forgiveness is the highest standard of power and that revenge is the greatest indication of weakness.

O God, if I lose my money, leave me hope; and if my success diminishes, leave me the power to overcome failure; and if my health fails, leave me faith.

O God, if I have wronged others, give me the opportunity to apologise; and if people have wronged me, give me the power to forgive.

O God, if I forget you, do not forget me.

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